From the feedback that I received from my questionnaires informs me that from he selected group they think that the cut scene was designed to a high standard and that the viewers like the digitised assets and the way they were designed. Some of the viewers think that the assets could have been designed a bit better and could have been given a bit more detail an perhaps in colour. From this feedback I took it into consideration but the black and white style suited the themes of the cut scene better then if it were in colour.

From the feedback I obtained most of the viewers liked the beginning of the cut scene where the blistering sun is in the background and the abandoned desert is at peace on the planet. It was described as a stand out moment as it started the cut scene and had to have an effect on the viewer. With the blistering sun in the background it makes the rocks look as if it had some life to them. Unfortunately for me the debate on the colour was still at hand as they wanted more colour variation as it would make some of the assets stand out more then they currently do. But sadly I had to tell the people that I tried to create a variation in colour but this was the best that I could create, since the variation in the colours would have drifted away from themes as they were the main things that I wanted to portray.

In all of the feedback that I received they all told me that the music that I used in the cut scene, worked in harmony with the cut scene as it built tension for what was to come. This is what I initially aimed, since one of the key themes that I chose for the cut scene was tension. When the people that reviewed the cut scene I asked then to compare it with other cut scenes to see how similar the two are and to also see how different they were. I was informed that my cut scene was the shorter of the lot but I though that mine was of a decent length for a cut scene. They also said that my cut scene was very eye catching and that it was also intriguing, which would have an effect on the audience as it would make then watch the cut scene to find out about the scene. My cut scene is described as different to the others as the music that I used gives it a different atmosphere to the other cut scenes. This was a good think for me as I really wanted my cut scene to be different from the rest of the classes, and by using the sound I used I managed to achieve my goal.