This is the starting pose for the walk cycle that i created from a life drawing of another person. In the lesson we stood in the walking pose, we were then drawn by a member of the class. Once we had drawn all of the poses for the walk cycle we then digitized all of the drawings. After we had digitized the drawings we gave our drawings some life with color and some of us used texture to go that little bit further.

As you can see there are five key poses and that if you play all of then in order and then reverse then is appears as if then character is in a walking motion. To make it appear as if the character is moving you change the position of the arms and the legs. If the left leg is forward then the right arm would have to be in line with the left leg.

To really define the depth of each part of the body that is furthest away from the camera, I used a darker shade of the color that I used for the body part that is the closest to the camera. each position that is shown is based off the first position.