As this character is one of the main characters in the anime ‘Sword Art Online’ his walk would have been designed several times over till they found to one that you accurately portray the mood of the character as well as his characteristics.

In the anime series Kirito is one of the main characters in the anime. Kirito is the  male protagonist in the anime but there is also another protagonist there is Asuna who is the female protagonist in the anime.

Kirito is sixteen year old boy, so his posture would still be aligning so he would have a straight posture. Since he is only sixteen, he would be classed a naive and in some cases that is true, but he is actually a strong minded boy, who is a man of many words but sometimes doesn’t know what to say, he is also a bit ignorant, as he doesn’t care for the other people in the series at first but then he comes to care for the other characters in the anime. Kirito develops a relationship whilst trapped in the game ‘Sword Art Online’ with Asuna who also cares greatly for him.

Kirito’s walk would be more like a stride, in some cases he walks around either with his head up or hanging down, looking at the floor. As he is a strong minded boy he would have his head up most of the time, as in the anime the characters either go around solo or in parties. Kirito prefers to be a solo player so his body language would be quite closed off so he would have his hands in his pockets a lot of the time. Kirito is a young person so how would be rather energetic and move quicker then other people. Kirito in fight would move at greater speed then someone of an older age. But out of fight Kirito walks at a slower pace to some people, he would rather take in the scenery then let the opportunity pass him by.

Kirito would have first been designed on paper, there would have been several sketches of Kirito in the beginning. Once the right design was chosen they would have digitised the drawing and touched the character up with colour, tone, and really the whole drawing itself. They would have slightly tweaked drawing when digitising the drawing but they would keep to the basic design for Kirito. Once the character was digitised in the standing pose they would have also designed the vast amount of poses that the character would take and also digitise them. They would then piece together the digitised positions and then create the walk cycle.

Since the anime ‘Sword Art Online’ is a recent creation it would have been developed with the technology that we have available today. The walk cycle would have been a vector graphic walk cycle. All of the work would have been pieced together and them slightly manipulated to that it would look like a flawless walk cycle. Kirito’s walk is everything that I expected it to be from his characteristics.