We were all given the task of creating the sound for the game. Each of us were given a prop to create the sound with, we were then given the task of creating the sound for a certain part of the game. I was tasked with creating the sound for the death text.

The sound of the death text had to have some emotion behind the sound I experimented with each prop at my disposal, but I couldn’t find the right sound that would fit the death text. So with all of the props at my disposal I thought that I would try to combine some of the props together. I experimented with the combined sounds but I still was unable to find the right sound to fit what I wanted.

After spend time finding the right sound I gave up this the props and moved to a sound creating software, like garage band. I used a sting instrument in order to create the sound I, I aimed for suspense, drama and mystery for the feel of the sound. I used a violin and a piano to create the sound I used a range of low keys on the piano and,the low chords on the violin. This worked of the feel for the death text, I then played around with the tempo of the sound and with the pitch of the sound. I slowed down the tempo of the sound to suit the mystery theme of the sound, I turned down the pitch of the violin, this applied to the drama theme of the sound. Once I played the two sounds together, it also applied to the final theme, suspense.