I have chosen the title sequence for Danger Mouse as my piece of animation from the 20th Century. In this post I will be covering the characteristics of the title sequence, what there the influences to create the title sequence, my own interpretation of the title sequence and the themes of the title sequence.

In the Danger Mouse title sequence there isn’t a lot of tone used, most of the colors are solid colors, there are only a few items in the title sequence that have some tone on them for example the bomb you can see some tone where the light hits the bomb, also the title of the show has some tone in it as the colors blend from a red to a yellow. In addition to the use of tone the title sequence, the sequence also uses a range of shapes in the sequence such as circles, squares and a hexagon on a trapezium. The uses of circles flows well in the sequence as you have the circles when you see the Danger Mouse badge, when you have the rings growing from behind the ‘DM’ as well as the hole in the floor and the tyres on the Danger Mouse Car. The squares/rectangles are used for the chain holder hanging Danger Mouses companion. Finally the hexagon sitting on a trapezium is used of the Danger Mouse Car, this is an unusual shape for a car. The lines that are used in the sequence vary from smooth when used for the characters and very sharp lines when you have the title and the car.

When the Danger Mouse series first started out  in 1981 the design movement that was around in the 1980’s was postmodernism. Postmodernism had an effect on the creation of Danger Mouse, for some of the Postmodernism pieces of art have a comic book feel to the be that in color or the use of words in bright colors such as ‘WHAM’ ‘BANG’ and ‘CRASH’. This had an effect on the Danger Mouse series as they created it with a comic book feel to it.

During the 1980’s technology made some advances in this time period. In the 1980’s some item that are now out dated but were the start of this that we have today and pretty much use in our everyday life. In the 1980’s the Personal Computer, the CD, the Walkman, the Video Cassette Recorder, the Mobile Phone, the ZX Spectrum, the Camcorder and the Games Console. These all had an effect on the series as in the show in the Danger Mouse HQ they have a personal computer. This was a really big movement in the 1980’s.

My own interpretation of the title sequence is that it includes some of the key movements in the time period it was created. The show really adapted to the Pop Art side of the postmodernism movement that was happening through the 1980’s. With all of the technology that was crated during the 80’s the show really tried to use some the this new technology to give the show a real crime fighter look to it by having a TV communication device which is also a personal computer. The TV communication device could be interpenetrated as a futuristic phone which in our time period is just a phone with either skype or face-time installed on it. For the time it was created it would have been a success. The show is a basic crime fighter/vigilante  TV series, this could be the basic outline for the theme of the show, or it could be a sub theme for the show and the main theme for the show is actually Action. There could be many reason as for why the show was created but some reasons come to mind, it could be a way to keep children occupied for 5-25 minutes. It could be that they want to broaden their range of TV shows available to viewer. Or it could be a way to increase the youths imagination whilst secretly advertising so of the new inventions of the 80’s.

As a whole for the time that the animation was created it was a huge success, it captures the essence of 80’s in the short 23 second title sequence. The title sequence uses an acceptable amount of the formal elements and grasps the movement and technological development in the 80’s to an extent that would tell you it was made around the 80’s with out looking it up.

http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/8-technologies-to-thank-the-1980s-for-635764#articleContent   The Technological Development in the 1980’s.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrM0E9pag8E      Danger Mouse Title Sequence.