Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games is a company that has been apart of such games as the GTA franchise, Red Dead redemption, Max Payne and L.A. Noire.

In the latest version of their animated ident they make the ident link with the game they are apart of. In the GTA V version of their ident, starts off with the sound of a person smashing into a car window and hot wiring a car, next you hear the sound of the car pulling away the police sirens following the car, following the sirens you have pistol fire followed by micro machine gun fire, whilst this is happening your wanted level is increasing in the top right hand corner the last star then moves to the middle of the screen and the small flash as it stops reveals the Rockstar Games logo, followed by the Rockstar North logo. This is a very successful animated ident as it not only links in with the game but is memorable and everyone knows that it is Rockstar one the logo is revealed.

This piece of animation was created using sounds that you would hear in the game from the gunfire to the police cars. The sequence was created to show what the game would be like using only sound, and red and blue lights. For the people who know that game franchise will be excited as the sounds that they love to hear are put in the the Rockstar animated ident. This animation really plays on one of you 5 senses, your sense of hearing to stimulate your senses and that you give you an eager mental state, as you would be dying with anticipation. In addition to this when you hear the sounds being played it would constantly remain you of the game, as it is a memorable sound.