Joshua Harker is an American artist who is considered a pioneer & a visionary in 3D printed art and sculpture. His work in 3D sculpture is now considered a landmark event in the history of sculpting, this has made him one of the most recognised artists in his field.

Joshua Harker describes his work as; ‘in its essence a journey of exploration & discovery… an attempt to peer into the unknown & share a glimpse of what’s out (& in) there; to understand who we are & where we come from & find clues about how form & physical reality are perceived. A product of my time, I use technology not only because of its utter necessity in the forms I make but also that I feel absolutely compelled to make art with it, to humanize the inhuman as we’ve done with stone, clay, metal, & wood… digital data as medium, computer as chisel, & 3d printer as forge.’

Joshua Harker uses his 2 dimensional which is an exploration of 3 dimension patterns. With the advance in technology Harker has created some outstanding pieces of art. Joshua Harker is able to create his work after a 20 year development storm in which software development, materials engineering, & 3D printing technology advanced majorly.