When you want to print with a 3D printer you must undergo a few steps before you are able to start printing. With your 3D file from either Cinema 4D or 3Ds Max you must first export your model as a ‘.stl’. Once you have exported the model as a .stl, you have to convert it to a g-code and then a .s3g once you have the g-code.

When you are printing the creation, you can use the several different materials to print with.

Extrusion Type: the materials used are; Thermoplastics, HDPE, eutectic metals, edible materials, rubber, modelling clay, plasticine, RTV silicone, porcelain, metal clay.

Wire Type: the materials that are used are almost any metal alloy.

Granular Type: there are several different materials that can be used; almost any metal alloy. Titanium alloys. Titanium alloy, Cobalt Chrome alloys, Stainless Steel, Aluminium. Thermoplastic power. Thermoplastic, metal powders, ceramic powers.

Power bed and inkjet head 3D printing Type: the only material that is used is plaster.

Laminated Type: uses the material; paper, metal foil, plastic film.

Light Polymerised Type: is used with two different pieces of technology but both pieces of technology use the material photopolymer.

The Makerbot Company uses the material PLA Filament and ABS Filament.

When using the Makerbot Replicator Mrk 1. You first have to calibrate the platform in which your creation is to be printed on. In order to calibrate the platform you must first set the printer to calibrate and when doing so the platform rises to the level of the printer-pen. When calibrating the platform, use a piece of paper and try and slide then paper between the platform and the printer-pen, if you are able to slide the piece of paper between the two with ease it is too loose, if you cant slide the paper through at all then it is too tight. But of you can slide the paper between the two with a little bit of friction then the platform is properly calibrated. When you move the 3D printer you have to recalibrate the platform again as it would have dislodged from its last position also if you nudged the surface where printer is placed you would have to recalibrate the platform. When the platform is heating up it starts off with a blue light, and then a red light.

To find out about how the printer works please watch the video, as it explains how the printer works.