I am writing to pitch my idea of my game company Scytheware, today I am pitching to you the advertisement for the company.

In my advertisement that I am going to use to sell my project to you is going to be laid out like so. The advert will start with a Scythe wedged in a tree stump, then an will come from the edge of the screen and grab the Scythe, the arm will remove the Scythe from the stump, hold the Scythe in the air to form an ‘S’ this will then stay in mid air whilst blue blood will run down the screen, and doing so it will reveal the ‘cytheware’ will appear in white, and the arm will turn black and this will form the companies ident. The advert will then fade out and that would be the end of the advert.

The reason why we are calling the company Scytheware is because we want to be known by a recognisable item. So we chose the Scythe that is commonly connected with the Grim Reaper. So we want to add another thing for people to associate the Scythe with. Also we chose the name from a selection of names that we gave to the public and the results show that more people would remember the name Scytheware then any of the other names that we chose for the company.

Our company would also draw attention to itself as the game that it would be associate with has a protagonist that wield a Scytherifle, which is a cross between a Scythe and a sniper rifle.