From the questionnaires that I have gotten back I have noticed that  everyone who watched the animated ident that the animation itself suits the name of the company which is good thing as it means that I don’t have to rethink my entire animation and then have to rethink the entire pitch. I am glad to say that my animated ident meet the requirement of the proposal.

Most of the feedback that Ii received on the music says that thew music suits the ident but one individual thinks otherwise and thinks that the music is a bit short at the end of the ident. I have taken this into consideration and if I were to recreate the animation I will edit the music and  have more of the sound being played.

From the feedback some of the people can identify who the company’s target audience. Three of the questionnaires have successfully identified the target audience of gamers from the ages of 17 – 25. Two people think that the company is aimed at people who love Scythes, and one person either did answer the question or was unable to identify thew target audience

From the feedback received all of the people that watched the animation all say that the animation is memorable. Six people that gave me feedback all like the font that was used for the ident, however two people don’t like the font one of them think that the font is too futuristic and doesn’t match the scythe, and the other person simply doesn’t like it. I think that their points are completely valid but in my opinion i think that the font works and I thank them for their feedback but I think that it would be better for the company if I don’t change the font. Also six of the people all think that the animation is a very attractive looking animation and two members of the feedback group think that it doesn’t look attractive.