In the development stage of my work I decided to create a short film of a lamp breaking into a vault and stealing money and then escaping the vault via the lift.

In the beginning of the development stage I started off with a lamp without a bag behind a vault ready to charge at the bottom half of the vault wall. When the lamp got to the wall I decided to have the wall break/explode this gave the lamp a Hulk style sprint.

Once a I had got the wall to break fine I then got the work on building the rest of the vault inside of the vault I have a stack of gold bricks, to get the stack look I used a cloner. Then I worked on creating the safe door once I crated the door I then worked on animating the door so that it smoothly opens. I also created another lamp but I attached a bag to one of his arms, the lamp was then to look around the hallway and then jump away from the safe and to the lift on the other side of the hallway.

In the animation I will have 7 Camera’s in the animation all of the camera’s in the animation are stationary camera’s.