George Melies most famous for ‘A Trip to the Moon’ was a pioneering animator who stumbled across stop motion when creating the film mentioned earlier, along with stop motion he also stumbled across double exposure for the first time and he also used the first dissolve in his filming career. George Melies was a French director who also stared in near enough all of his films. His use of stop motion revolutionised his film as no one had seen this technique before. This boosted his career even further. The way in which he used stop motion was in the scene when the ship crashed into the moon and when the fighting scene occurred and the aliens were hit they would pause the recording, take the actor/actress out and set up and small poof of power and run the film as the poof went off, this made it look like the alien exploded and vanished into thin air. George Melies stumbled across double exposure where he exposed the same bit of film to two different scenes.