In the first week of the project, we first assigned all of the roles in the project. We created a task chart with each role and who was the person assigned to the task, then next to the person you had the time allowed for the task. I was tasked with drawing the concept art for the first villain, who is only able to Gombastomp which means that the character has no arms. The first idea that I had for the character was that it would be designed like a slug but when it can to the actual design of the character was harder then I imagined so after I had attempted to design the slug version of the first villain I then realised that the entire design was flawed. After speaking to my animator we then can up with better design for the first villain. The design consisted of one leg, a metal barrel with spikes for the body and then for the head we used a brain.

In the second week of the project, I had to digitise the first villain, so I took the best concept art. I had for him and took a photo using photo booth in the Mac then I imported the image to photoshop and using a 150×150 pixel canvas I added the photo and sized it down to give it the pixel look. When digitising the character I had to use different layers for the character. I had to split the brain, body and leg apart so that I would make it easier for my animator to animate. The leg with the one shoe were coloured in two different shade of red. The metal barrel was filled with two different shades of grey/silver. Whilst the Brain had three different flesh resembling colours. After I had finished digitising the first villain and handed him over to the animators I then got to work on the concept art for the third villain.

In the third week of the project I had to finish off the concept art for the third villain who could shoot the protagonist. The first idea for the third villain was that he was going to have wheels and that he would drive around and shoot the protagonist. But when I was designing the villain every time I designed it kept on looking like a tank. After some consideration I suggested that we changed the character from wheels to a flying villain. So after we agreed that the character would be a flying villain, I started the concept for the villain. The flying villain is a shooting villain and he shoots his ammunition from his mouth. So when I was creating the villain I had to keep its mouth open. The villain has a total of four eyes with two eyes on one side of his face. The villain has several spikes on his back so he resembles a dragon. When creating the concept art of the villain I had to draw several positions of the wing as he would be moving his wing in order to move. Once I had finished the concept art I then started to digitise the third villain. When I started to digitise the villain I was then informed that I would also have to create several positions for the villains tail so when I had filled the filled full of colour. After I had fully digitised the third villain I then had to animate the moving sequence.

In the forth week I had to create the death animation for the third villain, in the death animation the third villain is going to be shot and the villain skin will disintegrate off the body and once the skin is gone, the bones that are left behind will then start to disintegrate thus removing the villain entirely  the game.

In the fifth week of the project I was tasked creating the Death text for the game. The death text is to appear when the protagonist dies. The text is a red text with a black outline around the text. I separated the layers into the different words so that I could easily move around the text if I needed to rearrange the position of the text.

In the sixth week Me and Jamie were tasked with coming up with a company name which would be put into the game to say that it created it. After many hours of debating we came up Shogun Studios. We both then had to come up with an image for the company, we ended up using a samurai head. Jamie created the draft look of the samurai head, on the iPad app paper.

In the seventh week I looked at the draft version of the samurai head that Jamie created in the previous week, and I created a refined version of the samurai head, and we are going to ultra refine the samurai head in photoshop and then use that in the game.