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I chose the environment work from the latest Tomb Raider game as it would be similar to the environments in my game Space and Time. In Tomb Raider the game takes place on an island inhabited by a small number of people but more wild animals. The places in which the human inhabitants live is either made from scrap ships, plane, helicopters or sheet metal. This shows that the island is a refuge for the people living there as it isn’t a luxury island but more of a survival island.  The human inhabitants would be and in fact are very hostile as they are use to their small colony and not accustom to outsiders. So when they find Lara they try to kill her forcing her to ‘survive’ on the island.

The whole idea of the small colony is a very interesting idea and would work well in my game as the hostile colony would be portrayed as the bounty hunters in the game. However there would also be other colonies of people living on the island but they would be more accustom to outsiders therefore they would be a more friendly colony.

The environment in Tomb Raider amazes me as the people built there homes around the land showing that they care for the island instead of modern day there we destroy the land a rebuild over it. This is a nice touch as it show that the island was uninhabited until recently. Along with the outside of the island being beautiful and the people being more with the land then present day civilians, the inside of the island such as caves and tombs are also remarkable as some of the colonise on the island live in huge cave naturally created for the purpose of life. The inner island caves/tombs are not only for living but in most of the visible and hidden tombs around the island there are signs that life was here or still is as some of the cave are abandoned as they are places where the everyday man can’t go. This is shown by the names of the tombs; tomb of the unworthy, halls of ascension, well of tears, chamber of judgement, stormguard sanctum, the flooded vault, temple of the handmaidens.

The game environment wise is extraordinary and I think it would be a good base to create my game off of, take some of the design aspects from the game and edit them around to create my game with a successful environment that people would stop and look at instead of going through the game and not taking in the environment and lets face it some people these days who play the game don’t appreciate the amount of effort that goes into making the environment, because without the environment that people don’t appreciate they wouldn’t be playing their current game they are fixed to.