DEATH and ROSAMOND are chained to a wall in the Bounty Hunters Hideout. Whilst the leader of the Bounty Hunters stands in the centre of the room standing next to a pedestal awaiting his slave to present him with Lord. Death awakens to the rattling of chain as he is suspended a few feet from the ground.


Today on this glariest day we the order of Bounty Hunters take control of Lord, and on this day we will destroy this wasteland that most people call home. Once we destroy this wasteland we will recreate the land in our image and rule supreme. Now my slave take our prisoners piece of Lord.


Yes Master

Taking the piece of Lord from Death, the Slave climbs to the Chief to present the piece of Lord to the Chief. The Chief combines the two pieces together, once they are combined the two pieces explode with light. Once the light clears the hideout is partly destroyed, the slave is completely incinerated and Death is freed from his chains whilst Rosamond is still chained up. The Chief take Lord and injects himself with the venom of Lord.


I can feel its power surging through my vein’s, I can feel the power, I feel it changing my body, I…I…ahhhhh

The Chief filled with venom changes into a monster.


I feel invincible.


You fool you can’t handle the power that comes from Lord why do you think I keep the two pieces separate so that this type of thing doesn’t happen.


You weak little insect, you kept it hidden because you cant handle the power yourself. You cannot stop me for I am now a Lord.

The Venom Filled Bounty Chief filled with rage slams Death into the wall of the hall, crashes through the hall and storms off into the distance. Death awakening sometime after the Venom Filled Bounty Chief stormed off, to the sound of Rosamond crying out for help. Death awakens and frees Rosamond and the two set out to hunt down the Chief.