Space and Time Moodboard

When you see the mood board that I have created you might be a little confused about the key aspects of the game that are represented in the mood board. This are the most significant images that relate to my game as in the game you have bounty hunters, mythological weapons, space, time, advanced buildings (idea), Death himself, and so on.

The reason why I have chosen to represent the bounty hunters in this way, is because they care more for the bounty then they do for the hunt although they enjoy the hunt there enjoy the bounty a lot more.

I chose to represent the weapons with these images is because these are the closest image to the actual thing and I wanted them to be unique weaponry.

The images that I chose to represent the buildings is nearly an idea as the environment that I will create may change the outcome of the buildings.

The images that represent space and time are not only significant to the title of the game it is also significant as in the game there are two gateways one space and one time.