Space and Time

In the beginning there were to dimensions Space and Time. Both separated by two gateways, each with there own story to tell. In Space the story starts with a league of protectors, who guard one half of an ancient artifact called Lord, that when combined with the second half unlocks the secret to combining both dimensions.

In the beginning of the story we see the Ark battle off waves of ruthless bounty hunters who look to obtain the first half of Lord for their own. The Bounty Hunters fight for the half of Lord in the plains of Space and at the citadel where Lord is being stored. While the Bounty Hunters fight to claim Lord, the Ark league continuously delay their progress. Although The Ark League put up a worthy fight they was no match as the Bounty Hunters reach the door of the Citadel and claim the half of Lord. As the Bounty Hunters remove the half of Lord from is perch the ground begins to shake and the Citadel starts to crumble, the cause of this is not natural but actually the awakening of the keeper Death.

As Death is awoken the Bounty Hunters flee with the half of Lord. Death once awoken stands inside a golden Citadel where two gateways stand before him, Time and Space. Death approaches the Space gateway to witness the Bounty Hunter flea the crumbling Citadel with the half of Lord. In the dimension of Space stands a group of Bounty Hunters separated from the rest, bear witness to a monstrous beast that says ‘come and see’ and they looked and beheld, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. Death when he was gazed apon slaughtered the small separated group of Bounty Hunters.
Death then sets out to find the half of Lord that is in the hands of the Bounty Hunters. On Deaths quest he is met by a series of terrains that are inhabited by some deadly creatures. Some of the terrains that Death crosses are not all bad as some of the terrains that he has to cross are over run with increasing numbers of human life forms. When Death passes through the village he tries to sneak through the village with little amounts of conflict and without being detected. However without Death realizing that he was noticed by a widowed housewife Rosamond. Who decides to follow Death as no one in the village would notice if she disappeared.  Throughout the rest of Deaths journey he gets closer and closer to the Bounty Hunters Hideout as most historic places that he passes are either destroyed or are being used a Bounty Hunter Strongholds.

As Death gets nearer to the end of his quest he realizes that he has been followed since the first village that he passed through. Death then confronts the follower who isn’t scared by Death, Death after witnessing someone that isn’t scared of him sits down and starts doubting his existence and the woman sits with him and tells him why she isn’t scared of him. Rosamond explains that the reason why she isn’t scared is because she has seen enough death in her life, which has left her unafraid of death. After Death hears the woman’s insightful word he begins to notice that he the two of them are not alone. Before Death could do anything a group of Bounty Hunters jump then to with the aim of capturing Death and whoever is traveling with him. Once the two are capture that are quickly sedated in order for the Bounty Hunters to keep the location of their hideout unknown.

When Death awakes he is chained to a wall beside Rosamond who is still sedated. When Death looks forward he sees that the half of Lord is on a pedestal with the Chief Bounty Hunter standing beside it. As Death sees the half of Lord he feels a small pain as he is missing his piece of Lord and a slave for the Bounty Hunters is bringing the Chief his piece.

When the Slave reaches the pedestal he unwillingly hand the second half of lord to the Chief. The Chief now holding both pieces of Lord he carefully combines the two pieces together and once combined there is an unbearable blinding flash that was generated for Lord. After the light clears we are presented by a Venom Enraged Chief Hunter. The Chief Hunter tears the pedestal from the ground and throws it towards Death missing him and freeing him. Now that Death is freed he tries to fight the Chief, but is foiled by a Bounty Hunter who stuns him with an electrical pulse.

When Death comes round to the sound of rattling chains, he is laying in what appears to be the remains of The Bounty Hunters Hideout. After Death stands up he sees that Rosamond is still chained to the wall but is also pinned to the wall by a concrete beam. Rosamond tries to persuade Death not to save her and to go after whoever destroyed the building. But Death ignored her request and attempted to save Rosamond. Death removes the beam from her way and using the butt of the Scythe Rifle he cracks the lock freeing Rosamond, as she falls to the floor from being suspended for too long she gets back up on her feet and follows Death but feeling venerable she ask Death for a weapon. Death this obeying her request he hands Rosamond a pair of Ulaks.

The two set out to find the Venom Enraged Chief Hunter by tracking his from the trail of destruction that he is leaving behind him.