From the sketches that I drew in the development stage of creating the interior of a room I drew sketches of a dinning room. To start of the  development work I drew some observational drawings of some of the objects/props in the dinning room. The items that were found in the dinning room were a stereo and speakers, cup, table and fireplace, these are all the observational drawings that I did in the development stages of my work. Along with the observational drawings I did I also drew, one point, two point and orthographic drawings.

My one point perspective drawing was of my hallway in my house that contains a staircase, cabinet, picture frame, radiator, toilet door. When I was creating the one point perspective drawing it was a simple concept but when I was drawing the hallway it was harder to fit everything into the scene I have to decrease the amount of detain in the one point perspective. Compared to the hallway that it was taken from the comparison is slightly different in the actual hallway there is more to it then there is in the drawing. If I had to redo the hallway I would try to make it as accurate as possible.

In the two point perspective drawings that I drew one was of a street that i created from the top of my mind and it was my first attempt at drawing two point. Once I had finished the drawing I took a look at the drawing again and I noticed that I had made a few mistakes mainly with the lettering. and that if I were to redo the lettering I would have to use the two points to create the lettering. The second two point drawing that I drew was of a construction site, when creating the construction site most mistook the construction site for a castle. The final two point drawing I created was of a normal building that I then took it upon myself and I destroyed the building and made it look abandoned.

After I had finished my one point and two point drawings I then had to draw and orthographic drawing of the shape of my room, the reason why I did this it to get a feel for how I would lay out the dinning room if it were full of all of the prop/objects. In the orthographic drawing you focus on the front of the room, the side of the room and the top of the room.

After the Orthographic drawing I then drew a few observational drawing of objects/props that would be in my room. Some objects/props that I drew were likely to be the main objects/props in the room, the drawings that I drew were of a dinning room table with chair, a cup, a fireplace, a stereo and speaker. These few items were significant to the scene as they would probably be the hardest objects.