Luxo Jr. is the first animation that Pixar created in 1986. For their first animation it was a pretty good animation, the reason why people enjoy the animation is because they bring an every day item to life through the technique of personification. The Luxo Jr. animation is enjoyed by everyone as they connect with the little lamp, people feel of the little lamp as it is portrayed as a child, since it is fascinated by a small bouncy ball. Most of the viewers care for the little lamp as it would remind them of when they were little and were fascinated by everything around them. 

The first lamp that we see is portrayed as an adult lamp that awakens to being touched by a bouncy ball, this is the first sign that it is a parent lamp as it sends the ball back, to then have it returned second later. Luxo Sr. then sends it back again, but when the ball is sent back it goes straight past Luxo Sr. We are then introduced to Luxo Jr. as it chases after the ball, and sends it back to Luxo Sr. but Luxo Jr. passes the ball to Sr. and Sr. passes it to Jr. and Jr. jumps on the ball and bursts the ball due to jumping on it to much. Luxo Sr. shakes his head at Jr. and Jr. jumps away, shortly to return chasing after a beach ball.

The purpose of the animated short was to demonstrate the use of shadow mapping in rendering. The animated short was a success and was classed as a breakthrough in computer animation.