Forward Kinematic Animation is the position of particular parts of the body/model at a specific time that is calculated to the position and orientation of the object, together with any information on the joints of the body/model. For example a desk lamp in the Pixar logo is a representation of forward kinematic animation as you can make each individual part of the lamp move, you can move the to arms and the head of the lamp. A Forward Kinematic Animation starts off from one fixed point or example an arm the fixed point would be the shoulder, as the shoulder joint can control the rest of the arm in a manner of speaking the shoulder can move the elbow, hand and fingers without physically moving then individually. If the fixed point were on a desk lamp then the fixed point would originate from the base of the lamp as this controls the arms and the head of the lamp. On a desk lamp or in an arm there are three joints that have more then one degree of freedom. Which would have to be taken into account when animating the desk lamp or the arm.