The Computer Animation Software that was available in the 1980s were Silicon Graphics, Inc. Quantel, Sun Microsystem, Inc. First Turnkey Broadcast Animation system, First Solid 3D CGI in the Movies, Inbetweening and Morphing, 3D Inbetweening, The Abyss, Walt Disney & CAPS.

Quantel released the ‘Paintbox’ the first broadcast-quality turnkey system designed for the creation and composition of television video and graphics. ‘Paintbox’ was followed in 1982 by the ‘Quantel Mirage’.

First Solid 3D CGI in the Movies. The first cinema feature movie to make extensive use of solid 3D CGI was Walt Disney’s Tron in 1982.

3D Inbetweening, works with photo-realistic computer models. The first cinema feature film to use this technique was the 1986 Str Trek IV: The Voyage Home, directed by Leonard Nimoy.

The Abyss. In 1989 James Cameron’s underwater action movie The Abyss was released. This film was the first cinema movie to include photo-realistic CGI integrated seamlessly into live action scenes.