The reason why I created the Scythe Rifle is because I wanted to create something that would stand alone in the world of weaponry, something that would be classed as groundbreaking. I created a weapon that would be both ancient and futuristic. So I took an ancient weapon that was held but the Grim Reaper and a current day sniper rifle and fused them together. From the images above I created the weapon from one single cylinder. Using a series of extrudes, inner extrudes, close polygon hole, moves, resize and rotations. After I created the entire Scythe Rifle I then created a series of set selections and filled them with either a red or a black. After I finished the colour texture I created a scenery. The scenery that I created fitted the weapons vibe, I created a series of gravestones and a crypt at the top of the graveyard. I placed the Scythe Rifle resting on the crypt. I added a spot light on the Scythe Rifle and a low light in front of the gravestones.