These are two designs that I did for a Minecraft avatar. I have taken several different screen shot of the two avatars. First you have the Purple and White one which is my personal avatar that I designed from scratch. He is a mix of two different marvel characters, the bases for the character is Deadpool as most marvel fan can tell by the outfit design. The Second addition to the avatar is Deathstroke that you will notice from half face, gauntlets and shoulder armour. The reason why I have chosen to combine these two together is because it portrays a little bit of me, the Deadpool is because I am a bit insane and he is a schizophrenic so can here voice’s in his head which would classify him as mentally insane. I am also a bit like Deathstroke as I am determined in every thing I do and what to get the best possible result out of it.

The second Minecraft avatar I did as they currently don’t have a Deadpool avatar in their skin packs. I did it as an experiment. The reason why I did an experiment first is to see how I would create my actual skin using the browser that I had. Once I managed to successful design the Deadpool I knew that it would take much to create my avatar that I call Banshee.