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This is one of the items that will be going into my room. This is a fireplace in my dinning room. I created the walls first from a cube by using a variation of extrude and inner extrudes. Once I had created the outer part of the fireplace, I erased one part of the wall to make room for the fireplace itself. First I started off with the shell of the fireplace and then added in the vent for the fireplace to create the vent I used a cube and a series of rotations to make it look ascetically like a vent. Next I added in the cage for the charcoal which was a golden cube with a grill in front of it. To create a grill I used a single cube and six extrudes and six inner extrudes, to make it look like a grill. In order to make the charcoal I shrunk three cubes and coloured then black then duplicated them to create the look of a ready to go fireplace. To make the Mirror I used two inner extrudes and an extruded for the frame and a extrude for the glass then added a extremely reflective material for the glass in order to actually make it look like a mirror.