To create the Cupboard I first started off with a single cube and created the sides and back of the  cupboard first with an inner extrude and a bevel to to give it that carved effect, I then repeated this for each conner of the cupboard for an ascetic look. For the top of the cupboard I gave it a platform that sunk into the cupboard. To get the platform I used an inner extrude and an extrude. The hardest part of the Cupboard was the doors that took a lot of trial and error, I ended up creating them the exact same way as the sides but I doubled it up to give me doors with a split down the middle to make them separate. I created the door handles separately I used a bezier for the out line of the handle and then added a lathe to make it whole I created two of these and attached both of them to the front of the cupboard.

To create the Stereo I started off with a cube and extruded a part of it to make an edge and then added a little docking station for an iPod. For the volume control I stuck a cylinder at the other end of the stereo and gave it a shine. For the speakers I shrink a cube and rotated one of the faces slightly and then with another cube I slimed it down and rotated it and stuck in the middle of the speaker to make it look better appearance wise.