Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow is an 8-bit consloe game. Pokemon Yellow was created by Game Freak. Pokemon Yellow was the first Pokemon game to be created in colour as the previous game was created in Black and White. This was a big venture for games are it was a developed on a hand held console. Pokemon yellow uses 8-bit graphics as it was the first venture there weren’t many colours availble at the time. Pokemon was a big hit at the time and curremntly is. Most of the colours that were used were repeated due to the fact that there was a lack of colours at the current time. The design in the actual game was pretty simple caompared to the design of current games in this day and age. All of the menus, text health bars and most moves were done in black and white or a shade of the two. But all of the designs for the Pokemon and their characters were all constructed in colour. Pokemon Yellow was created after the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Yellow is an enhanced version of the two but was though to be unnecessary as Pokemon Gold and Silver were to be developed and released in the exact same year that Yellow was released. Yellow was released to coincide with the release of Pokemon: The First Movie. The Artist for Pokemon Yellow Ken Sugimori is most famous for drawing all of the original 151 pokemon by himself. Ken Sugimori also did the development for all of the moves that the pokemon performed in the game.