Dinning Room inside viewfinal project dinning room V.2 front view final project dinning room V.2

These are the final renders of my dinning room. In this project I set out to remake my home dinning room.  I created all of my models in Cinema 4D. My models such as the cupboard, dresser, bookshelf, table, chairs, door, presents, turkey, fireplace and windows were all created from one single cube. However the cups, plates, pot, wine bottles and tower ice bucket were all made with a lathe and spline. Also the Stereo and the speakers were made with two base blocks. With all of the single cube models in order to make then how they look now, I used a series of inner extrudes, extrudes and bevel. With the Christmas tree I created a plant and added an image and an alpha then tweaked it and added several other leafs and then copied and reduced the number of leafs in order to give the impression of a Christmas tree. I used the standard colours that Cinema 4D comes with but I adjusted the transparency and the reflection in order to gain the correct texture for the set piece. When I was touching up on the little details I added a light over the middle of the scene, I gave it a soft shadow to make it look more realistic.