John was born in 2511, he lived on Eridanus II, in Elysium City. John was chosen to be apart of the SPARTAN-II Program when he was six. In the year 2517 John and 74 other candidates were kidnapped from their homes and replaced with flash clones which would later die of natural causes. John and the other candidates were taken to Reach, where Dr. Catherine Halsey informed them of the SPARTAN-II Program and how they would become “the protectors of Earth and all of her colonies” All of the candidates were then given new names and John was now called John-117.

Halo 3 in all of its little details and large details was created in 3Ds Max. In the image below you can see the first ever spec for the protagonist Master Chief, this is the first drawing that they created of Master Chief but they later change the appearance of the Chief and scraped their original idea and replaced it for the image below that. All of the scenery in the game looks both before the time the game was set and relative to the time it was set. From abandoned water stations to aircraft hangers embedded in a mountain and then to dried lands with oil rigs being attacked by alien space ships and defended but marines.

The emotional theme behind Master Chief is to save the world from complete extinction from both the Flood and the Covenant. The Covenant has been the main enemy on several occasions but on one part of the Covenant became their partners in arms. The Leader of this division called Elites was called the Arbiter, they both fight along side each other to eliminate the remaining covenant and destroy the Flood for ever. The Flood is a parasite that feed of living flesh and they can grow together or reanimate dead corpses until the corpse is killed again, the Flood thrive on inhabited planets, but the only way to kill the flood it to activate a Forerunner artefact called a Halo Ring that destroys all living thing in its blast radius.

Master chief was give a green suit of armour which connotes wealth as the suit is extremely expensive. Master Chief over the year of his active service has been is dangerous situations and his amour shows for it. After the Master Chiefs second encounter with the flood his armour is left damage by a flood parasite, this later would become a momentum of his past. In another occasion where his suit takes damage is in his latest encounter with a new enemy (ex partner) call the Forerunners. Where one of the rogue A.I. controlled Knights slices the Chiefs armour.

In the beginning of the game of Halo 3 you crash land in a forest where your unit wake you up and you first encounter you new partner the Arbiter, you then in the beginning have to rescue a unit that are being held but the remaining Covenant.

In the middle of the game the chief and the arbiter have to battle both the covenant and the flood in order to active the pillar allowing them to enter another planet, they both have to fight off more covenant and flood in order to get to the haven to activate a map giving them the location of the halo ring.

In the end of the game the Chief and the Arbiter have to battle several waves of Flood and then the Chief and Johnson enter the Halo Ring’s activation controls were you fight 343 Guilty Spark, active the ring and the Chief along with the Arbiter race to get of the ring before it detonate.

The call to adventure is when the Master Chief is awoken after jumping ship and crashing in a jungle. He is awoken by Sargent Johnson telling the Chief about captive Marines. The Master Chief refuses the call when a previous enemy shows up and claims to be a friend. The Chiefs mentor is his A.I. that haunts him till he retrieves her, she aids him with information and advice during the adventure. The Chief crosses the threshold when he rescues the Marines and from here there is no turning back. The Chief tests his allies when a base he is held up in is under attack and the two most fight of hoard’s of Covenant and most turn back and arm a warhead where they started the attack. The to enter the approach where they have to destroy two anti-air turrets allowing the Elites ships to enter the Earths airspace. The Ordeal presents itself as one of the Elites ships that is infested by the flood which crash lands and unleash the parasite but the two must enter the crashed ship and retrieve the A.I.’s (Cortana) message. Their reward is the A.I.’s message which they salvage from the ship. The two approach a ‘road block’ where they must reach the Pillar that the two must activate but to activate the Pillar they must fend of waves of Covenant and Flood in order to get to their ships and fly through the portal, there they enter a new planet. This planet is home to invading Covenant, but the two must enter a haven where they activate a map leading them to the ring. Another ‘road block’ is where the two must eliminate the Prophet of Truth, but in doing so they create another ‘road block’ where they must enter the now completely infested Elite Ship and collect the A.I. and destroy the infested ship once and for all. The Climax of the whole adventure is where the two must activate the halo ring in order to render the flood extinct. But they are met with a threat and then all hell breaks loose when the guardians turn on the two hero’s wanting to destroy both the flood and the hero’s. In the ‘return’ the two must escape the Ring that is armed and about to detonate. The two race to get to their ship and escape before the ring explodes. The two make it to the ship and enter hyper-drive just a little late and the ship is torn in two. This leaves the Chief stranded in space with nothing to do but enter Cryo-sleep and wait to be rescued and the Arbiter to plummet to earth and attend a memorial service for all the fallen soldiers including the Master Chief who was proclaimed dead but floats in space.

At the end of the game they have a military style memorial service for all of the fallen soldiers. This would spark emotions to all those who have previously attended a memorial service for their loved ones.

Early concept sketch done in pencil of a thin character, replete with bandoliers and other additional equipment in addition to his armor.