Thursday 19th September

In the very first week of production we split into two groups and spent are first time as a group coming up with an idea for a short film. In our group of 5 we came up with two ideas one was the ‘Worst Day Ever’ that describes a person that starts off the day with the least worst thing to happen to them, as the story progresses then amount of worst things that happen to him increase till the very end where you see the most worst thing imaginable a Zombie Apocalypse. The second idea that we came up with was that one man comes home to find a note left on the wall held up by a knife saying that a group of triads have his lover and his mother and for him to come down to a warehouse. So the man heads to the warehouse, when he arrives the is immediately knocked out and when he wakes up he finds himself in a room lit by a dim light and two figures tied to a chair with head bags over them. The man then notices that there is a gun secured to his hand. A voice that is projected through a speaker tells the man to choice whether or not to kill his lover, his mother or to kill himself. The man choices the unfortunate fate and ends his own life. As the man bleeds out over the floor two men appear behind then lover and the mother and are ordered to end them as well. We then had the hard decision of choosing the short film we wanted to shoot. We chose the ‘Worst Day Ever’ as it would the easiest to film and it would be more practical.

Thursday 26th September

We devised the script in Celtx. We named the short film ‘Worst Day Ever’. In scene one we meet our main character ‘Jamie Channell’ in his kitchen. We see Jamie drinking and spilling his tea over himself. There is only one piece of dialogue in the first scene is when he spills the tea over himself. Our next scene we see our character running for the bus and having the misfortune of missing the bus. In the third scene we see our main character with another character known as his ‘Boss’ we meet the two at the start of an argument where the Boss is about to fire Jamie, in this scene we swap between the two during their confrontation, the scene ends with Jamie being fired from his job. Our forth scene sees Jamie walking down the street and receives two texts from his girlfriend. In the first text she sends him ” I’m leaving you “, then in the second it says ” for your brother “. In our final scene we are back in the kitchen, we see Jamie enter the kitchen to come across his dog dead on the kitchen table, it then cuts to Jamie saying ‘Could this day get any worse’ the camera then switches to the back garden door to see three Zombies stagger in the door, the camera then switches back to Jamie and he screams ‘FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU’

Thursday 3rd October

After we had written the script we had to devise a shot list and a storyboard. We split into two groups and one was tasked with creating the shot list, whilst the other was tasked with the storyboard ands our actor went to help out the other group with their script as he is in their film as well. The Storyboard was what we thought the camera shots would be like. We divided up and drafted up a storyboard for each scene in the short film. The shot list tells the Cameraman the order of shot to take when filming or to identify which shot he/she has taken.

Thursday 10th October

Today we set out to shoot our first and last scenes. We hired out all of the equipment from Camera, to sound equipment, to boom mic and stick, to tripod and finally the clapper. Once we had hired out all of the equipment we then went off site to Jamie’s house with a quick stop at the Entertainer for a puppet dog and Sainsbury’s for fake blood. Once we arrived at Jamie’s house Kamil and Kimani tried to create the fake blood whist, Jamie acted, Javougn directed and filmed and I recorded the sound. We set out to record the first and last scenes. Our first scene consisted of several takes of a cup of tea, one take of Jamie drinking the tea and one take of him spilling the tea. In our last scene it consisted of Jamie entering the kitchen, two takes of Jamie seeing and reacting to the dead dog, one take of him looking frustrated, one take of the Zombies entering through the back gardens French doors, and one take of him screaming ‘FUUUUUUUUUUUUU’. Once we finished the recording we cam back extracted all of our data and returned all the equipment.

Thursday 17th October

Today we helped out with the other group film their entire first scene. We were all given our specific roles. We had out actors: Jamie, Jake, Steph, Frank and Matt. The cameraman & director was Kastra. Boom Mic holder; Javougn. Sound Recorder and Clapper: Me. We ended up doing more takes of the same thing due to directors’ error. Once we had recorded all parts to the first scene several time their group extracted all film and audio.

Thursday 24th October

In filming we recorded the rest of the scene that were need for my groups short film ‘The Worst Day Ever’ we filmed Jamie being fired, Jamie running after and missing the bus and Jamie being dumped by his Girlfriend by text for his brother. After we recorded our last parts we then handed over all of the equipment to the other group for them to re-film their entire first scene but with a different director. Under the direction of the new director we managed to film the entire scene in better quality, better focus and better sound quality. Once we film the entire first scene again we then headed back and filmed the hospital scene in the sick room onsite at one of the campus’. After we recorded the hospital their group extracted all of theirs and our sound and later extracted both films, as it was one of their cameras we were using.

Thursday 7th November

In our session today we aimed to get most if not all of the editing done. Javougn and myself were left with the task of putting the entire film together and add and tweak the audio so that our sound would fit into the scene perfectly. As a result of this I was eventually left alone to edit the Film. I edited the film in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. Once I started to edit the film it became easy for me to add the transactions from scene to scene. When editing I used fade and a dip to black transaction to make the film run smoother. Once I added all of the shoots I then had the daunting task of adding the audio. In the adding of the audio the most important task was making sure that the audio was in time with the footage. Once the audio was added I then had an easy task of making the audio sound better with audio transactions, the only transaction that I used was the fading transaction, which made the audio sound crisp and clean.

Thursday 14th November

In the session that I had today did some more editing in Premiere Pro. I added another audio to the film and cropped it down so that the audio would match the person speaking. Next I had to create an opening title and a credit roll. To do this in Premiere you have to create a title and a still title for the opening title. But for the credit roll I created several title rolls all containing different information such as the cast, director, camera and sound.

Thursday 21st November

In this session I edited the end credits so that they weren’t spread out as much and I added a music file to the end of the credits and give it a fade at the beginning and at the end. I was unable to add in the very last piece of text due to the fact that our actor didn’t arrive until the very last second were it was to late to record the sound file.