Victor Creed was born a Mutant. Victors childhood began when he murdered his brother Luther over a piece of pie. His Father after watching his son murder his brother chained him up like an animal and kept him in the basement. From the moment he is chained up the mutant gene festered inside him, causing Victor to permanently have elongated canines. After many years of being chained up Victor managed to break free from the chains by gnawing off his own hand. After breaking free he kills his Father for detaining him, but he did not kill his mother but look after her financially and visited her frequently till the day she died.

In Victors life after detainment he tracks down another mutant Wolverine, to Canada and seemingly murders his one time teammate’s lover Silver Fox. This resulted in the first of many fight between the two. Victor adapts to tracking down Logan on his birthday with the intention to start a fight.

Creed is then recruited into Team X.  The psychopathic Sabretooth  develops a lust for blood and murders hundreds of innocent civilians, from this he loses his friend Logan. During a period of his life he fathers a son Graydon Creed, with another mutant Mystique. After Team X, Victor is recruited by the Weapon X programme. The Weapon X programme is known for preforming experiments on mutants. Victor doesn’t receive any altering where as his childhood brother Logan receives the adamantium metal fused into his bones. Sabretooth teams back up with Logan one last time so combat the ultimate experiment DEADPOOL