In Cinema 4D we created a wine bottle. We had to use a spline to create the wine bottle. From the spline we then were able to edit the full 3d wine bottle, we could change the height, width and depth of the bottle. Once I was happy with the wine bottle I added a texture to make the wine bottle more realistic, by having the texture reflective and a bit transparent, this made the wine bottle look like a real bottle. I then split the bottle into to parts the main body and the plastic cover over the top of the bottle. The top of the bottle became red when i applied a texture to it. Next i added a label to make it realistic. After I copied the whole bottle and make another 2 and positioned them around the  first bottle. After that i created a cube cut out two of the side and added another texture to the cube to make it look like cardboard. Finally I rendered the entire thing and created my final outcome.