From the earliest recored time on Earth, we have always seen art. The earliest form of art we have record of is cave paintings that were discovered to have been painted around the time of the first homo-sapiens. The cave painting documented the kinds of animals around and how people hunted the animals.

Along with cave paintings that tell you stories about the first homo-sapiens, you have hieroglyphics that were discovered to have be drawn in the Egyptian era. The hieroglyphics tell you a story about the gods and goddess in their religion. Hieroglyphics were etched in the wall of the pyramids where pharaoh are said to be buried. Some of the hieroglyphics that are on the walls of pharaohs tombs tell the story of their life.

Another art method that has been discovered to tell stories is Greek pottery. In Greek Pottery the art work tells the story of the gods and goddess of Mount Olympus. The stories are either about the god or goddess themselves or an adventure they journeyed on. In some accounts there are Greek Pot with the adventures of Hercules.

Other the course of the years the way stories are being told have changed dramatically.