Film Genres

Action; Die Hard, Mission Impossible, Lethal Weapon, Fast and Furious, The Chronicles of Riddick, Indiana Jones, Hercules, The Expendables, Hitman, 300, Van Helsing.

Comedy; American Pie, Grown Ups, Despicable Me, Rush Hour, Legally Blonde.

Romance; Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, P.S. I love you, Footloose, Flashdance, Legally Blonde.

War; Behind Enemy Lines, Platoon, Saving Privet Ryan.

Thriller; The Grey, Taken, Oceans Eleven.

Sci-Fi; Tron, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men, The Matrix.

Documentary; March of the Penguins, Food Inc., Supersize me.

Musicals; High School Musical, Hairspray, Wizard of Oz, Les Miserables.

Drama; The Shawshank Redemption, Godfather, A Few Good Men.

Horror; It, The Fly, Dawn of the Dead, The Shining.


Cut scene Evaluation

From the feedback that I received from my questionnaires informs me that from he selected group they think that the cut scene was designed to a high standard and that the viewers like the digitised assets and the way they were designed. Some of the viewers think that the assets could have been designed a bit better and could have been given a bit more detail an perhaps in colour. From this feedback I took it into consideration but the black and white style suited the themes of the cut scene better then if it were in colour.

From the feedback I obtained most of the viewers liked the beginning of the cut scene where the blistering sun is in the background and the abandoned desert is at peace on the planet. It was described as a stand out moment as it started the cut scene and had to have an effect on the viewer. With the blistering sun in the background it makes the rocks look as if it had some life to them. Unfortunately for me the debate on the colour was still at hand as they wanted more colour variation as it would make some of the assets stand out more then they currently do. But sadly I had to tell the people that I tried to create a variation in colour but this was the best that I could create, since the variation in the colours would have drifted away from themes as they were the main things that I wanted to portray.

In all of the feedback that I received they all told me that the music that I used in the cut scene, worked in harmony with the cut scene as it built tension for what was to come. This is what I initially aimed, since one of the key themes that I chose for the cut scene was tension. When the people that reviewed the cut scene I asked then to compare it with other cut scenes to see how similar the two are and to also see how different they were. I was informed that my cut scene was the shorter of the lot but I though that mine was of a decent length for a cut scene. They also said that my cut scene was very eye catching and that it was also intriguing, which would have an effect on the audience as it would make then watch the cut scene to find out about the scene. My cut scene is described as different to the others as the music that I used gives it a different atmosphere to the other cut scenes. This was a good think for me as I really wanted my cut scene to be different from the rest of the classes, and by using the sound I used I managed to achieve my goal.

Walk Cycle Position 1-5


This is the starting pose for the walk cycle that i created from a life drawing of another person. In the lesson we stood in the walking pose, we were then drawn by a member of the class. Once we had drawn all of the poses for the walk cycle we then digitized all of the drawings. After we had digitized the drawings we gave our drawings some life with color and some of us used texture to go that little bit further.

As you can see there are five key poses and that if you play all of then in order and then reverse then is appears as if then character is in a walking motion. To make it appear as if the character is moving you change the position of the arms and the legs. If the left leg is forward then the right arm would have to be in line with the left leg.

To really define the depth of each part of the body that is furthest away from the camera, I used a darker shade of the color that I used for the body part that is the closest to the camera. each position that is shown is based off the first position.


1) What do you think of the cut scene, does it answer the brief that was given to us?

2) What do you like most about the cut scene?

3) What could have been done differently?

4) Does the music suit the cut scene that you have just watched?

5) When compared to the other cut scenes how are they the same and how are they different?


Kirito Walk cycle Analyses


As this character is one of the main characters in the anime ‘Sword Art Online’ his walk would have been designed several times over till they found to one that you accurately portray the mood of the character as well as his characteristics.

In the anime series Kirito is one of the main characters in the anime. Kirito is the  male protagonist in the anime but there is also another protagonist there is Asuna who is the female protagonist in the anime.

Kirito is sixteen year old boy, so his posture would still be aligning so he would have a straight posture. Since he is only sixteen, he would be classed a naive and in some cases that is true, but he is actually a strong minded boy, who is a man of many words but sometimes doesn’t know what to say, he is also a bit ignorant, as he doesn’t care for the other people in the series at first but then he comes to care for the other characters in the anime. Kirito develops a relationship whilst trapped in the game ‘Sword Art Online’ with Asuna who also cares greatly for him.

Kirito’s walk would be more like a stride, in some cases he walks around either with his head up or hanging down, looking at the floor. As he is a strong minded boy he would have his head up most of the time, as in the anime the characters either go around solo or in parties. Kirito prefers to be a solo player so his body language would be quite closed off so he would have his hands in his pockets a lot of the time. Kirito is a young person so how would be rather energetic and move quicker then other people. Kirito in fight would move at greater speed then someone of an older age. But out of fight Kirito walks at a slower pace to some people, he would rather take in the scenery then let the opportunity pass him by.

Kirito would have first been designed on paper, there would have been several sketches of Kirito in the beginning. Once the right design was chosen they would have digitised the drawing and touched the character up with colour, tone, and really the whole drawing itself. They would have slightly tweaked drawing when digitising the drawing but they would keep to the basic design for Kirito. Once the character was digitised in the standing pose they would have also designed the vast amount of poses that the character would take and also digitise them. They would then piece together the digitised positions and then create the walk cycle.

Since the anime ‘Sword Art Online’ is a recent creation it would have been developed with the technology that we have available today. The walk cycle would have been a vector graphic walk cycle. All of the work would have been pieced together and them slightly manipulated to that it would look like a flawless walk cycle. Kirito’s walk is everything that I expected it to be from his characteristics.


We were all given the task of creating the sound for the game. Each of us were given a prop to create the sound with, we were then given the task of creating the sound for a certain part of the game. I was tasked with creating the sound for the death text.

The sound of the death text had to have some emotion behind the sound I experimented with each prop at my disposal, but I couldn’t find the right sound that would fit the death text. So with all of the props at my disposal I thought that I would try to combine some of the props together. I experimented with the combined sounds but I still was unable to find the right sound to fit what I wanted.

After spend time finding the right sound I gave up this the props and moved to a sound creating software, like garage band. I used a sting instrument in order to create the sound I, I aimed for suspense, drama and mystery for the feel of the sound. I used a violin and a piano to create the sound I used a range of low keys on the piano and,the low chords on the violin. This worked of the feel for the death text, I then played around with the tempo of the sound and with the pitch of the sound. I slowed down the tempo of the sound to suit the mystery theme of the sound, I turned down the pitch of the violin, this applied to the drama theme of the sound. Once I played the two sounds together, it also applied to the final theme, suspense.